We felt that they were the best to be able to do what we need them to do as far as vetting our title companies and attorneys.


Closing Manager, Homestead Funding Corp

Prior to using Secure Insight, our company [had] lost a few million dollars [due to] bad settlement agents doing bad things.

President, Residential Home Funding Corp.

Working with [Secure Insight] has been a pleasure. Although the vetting process is comprehensive, registering our branches was quick and easy.

SVP & General Counsel, North American Title Group, LLC

We are completely satisfied ... [in our industry] there would have been ... additional risk [we] would have not been able to avoid ... without the use of [Secure Insight…

President Family First Funding LLC

Settlement agent fraud is one of the primary risks Texas Capital Bank encounters in the warehouse lending business, as we fund thousands of loans each month via wire to another entity with whom we…

SVP, Texas Capital Bank

Proper vetting and evaluation of mortgage closing professionals is not only a smart business move, it may also be required of mortgage originators under recent federal regulations. Secure Insight…

SVP, First Tennessee Bank